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Reformation Day – and Halloween


Today is a really big day. It’s Halloween – and the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.   It’s been 500 years to the day since Martin Luther posted his theses, his list of concerns about the only established church, which we now know of as The Roman Catholic Church (the “universal” church in the Roman, rather than Greek, tradition). I have never recognized Reformation day before today, but I should have.  I have never celebrated Halloween, and I am grateful.  I also don’t wear green for St. Patrick’s Day.   Because I am a Protestant (I...

When life doesn’t work the way we plan


Have you ever had to give up on a dream?  A plan for the future that defined who you were? I have.  More than once. It’s hard. I was going to be an overseas missionary.  But the board lost my application. I was going to be an English teacher, but couldn’t find an opening. I was going to be a worship leader, but things changed at our church. I was going to home school my daughters, but had to work to make ends meet. But the hardest was just this year, when I was already living my dream. I was homesteading on a little acre in the country, with my own chickens and orchards and a...

Choose Entertainment Wisely: Once Upon a Time, Redemption, and The Power of Love


I love, love, LOVE Once Upon a Time. Fairies, pirates, powerful women and the men who adore them, and really classy business suits… I have watched the whole series at least 3 times. (Yes, I binge watch.  Don’t judge.)  While it’s true that I just love fairy tales in general, in this case I actually have a good reason. The themes are brilliant.  The most poignant example of the story is the power of redemption in the life of the once-evil-queen, Regina. You see, her heart was twisted in hatred and revenge because of the bitterness she felt for losing her fiance, and the...

Truth Has No Time-Limit


I love hymns. I know, I know.  Who actually likes hymns any more? I do, I do!  (Hand raised, jumping up and down excitedly.) It’s the words. I really, really, really like words. (just ask my mother.  Or husband.  Both of them probably wish I liked words a little less.) Seriously, though….  hymns (the good ones) teach us, about God and how He works in our lives, encourage us to be God-seekers, help us articulate our prayers, and remind us of what we should be praying for. (Good modern music does the same thing, by the way.) Excellent lyrics are moving and powerful, regardless of...

Read the “Old Testament” without falling asleep


Admit it.  You’ve done it, too. You pick up the Bible at 11PM at night and see “Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites….” and your eyes glaze over and you decide a one-minute devotional with a happy Proverb will have to do. I totally get it.  And Our Daily Bread  has its place. But we try to pick up the Bible to read it because we want to!  We want to know what God has for us in His written words, but sometimes they’re just DRY.  And sometimes the stories seem so harsh and disconnected and irrelevant. Like I said, I get it.  But I have learned that there isn’t any...

Devotion and Discipleship

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