Devotion and Discipleship

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I am inordinately pleased with the logo my talented brother-in-law came up with for my site. I challenged him to use my initials for a logo (because I lack creativity.).

Through a combination of creativity and providence, he designed what you see here. Sure, it is basically the initials C and E in the form of a heart, which one could say is “cute”. But truly, it is so much more.

The left side of the heart is the Shepherd’s Staff, reminding me of God’s protective and loving care and the fact that all our devotion is owed to Him.

The right side of the heart is the ichthys, which reminds me that we are disciples of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, our Savior (which is what the ichtys represented, back when Christians all knew Greek). It also reminds me of the calling to be “fishers of men”, and encourages me because I am not alone in this journey.

And finally, the heart itself is a reminder to me of God’s love for me, and mine for Him. It is deeply personal, because Chere’ means “beloved” and my middle name means “child of God”.

So this heart made of my initials reminds me that my parents named me for the character they wished me to have, and that my purpose in life is about more than “busy-ness”. It is to love and be loved – and to attempt to express all that to you, so that perhaps you, too, may be encouraged in this life-journey.

Devotion and Discipleship

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