Devotion and Discipleship


True Worship is Transformational


Tomorrow is Sunday, and Christians all over the world will gather to pray, study, and worship.  We sing ancient and new songs of praise, sacrifice hard-earned money to further God's work, and encourage one another in our life journeys.

For many of us, this is so much a part of our identity that we don't even have to think about it - Sunday worship is what we do.

But sometimes we need to stop and ask ourselves - Is our worship true?  Is it submitted to God's Holy Spirit?  And above all, is it transformational?

God is Not Slow in Keeping His Promises


We live in a day of haste.  Always an impatient people, technology has made it even worse, and we expect near-instant results.  Certainly we expect people to "fulfill their obligations" (or keep their promises) with haste.

Our impatience sees any time lag as "slowness" - a failure to follow-through. And this impatience manifests itself in our understanding of God, too.

Prophecy in the book of Isaiah: We are part of the plan.


Sometimes we have become so familiar with the basic stories of our faith that we are numb to them and we need to be reminded of the awesomeness of God's immensity. Sometimes we need to read Isaiah - all in one sitting, pen in hand, following a recent full reading of the book of John.

Because when we do, we will sit back in awe of the fact that "God is God, and we are not, and we will never understand it all".

Coincidence? I think not.


I don’t believe in coincidence. In our secular, scientific culture, we dismiss seemingly random occurrences as, well, random.  After all, why would we think that losing our keys or getting stuck in a traffic jam could be anything else? But maybe… because you were late you were protected from a car accident. Maybe…. buying coffee 10 minutes late let you encourage the new barista. I also don’t believe in fate. I certainly don’t believe that God has us on strings like marionettes, for if He did, there would be no need to fill the Scripture with passages talking...

Devotion and Discipleship

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