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God is Not Slow in Keeping His Promises


We live in a day of haste.  Always an impatient people, technology has made it even worse, and we expect near-instant results.  Certainly we expect people to "fulfill their obligations" (or keep their promises) with haste.

Our impatience sees any time lag as "slowness" - a failure to follow-through. And this impatience manifests itself in our understanding of God, too.

Prophecy in the book of Isaiah: We are part of the plan.


Sometimes we have become so familiar with the basic stories of our faith that we are numb to them and we need to be reminded of the awesomeness of God's immensity. Sometimes we need to read Isaiah - all in one sitting, pen in hand, following a recent full reading of the book of John.

Because when we do, we will sit back in awe of the fact that "God is God, and we are not, and we will never understand it all".

Rightly Handling the Word of God


In my first post on this blog I shared a basic approach I use for reading the Bible and making personal application of what I find there. But that post left out some important details that are critical to rightly handling the word of God.  I do not want lead anyone to fall into the trap of “reading me” into the Scripture. So let’s talk about what the Bible IS so what can know what it ISN’T. But first…  a caveat.  I am going into some detail here that might be somewhat overwhelming.  I believe the information here to be very important, but I do not want to make...

Reformation Day – and Halloween


Today is a really big day. It’s Halloween – and the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.   It’s been 500 years to the day since Martin Luther posted his theses, his list of concerns about the only established church, which we now know of as The Roman Catholic Church (the “universal” church in the Roman, rather than Greek, tradition). I have never recognized Reformation day before today, but I should have.  I have never celebrated Halloween, and I am grateful.  I also don’t wear green for St. Patrick’s Day.   Because I am a Protestant (I...

Devotion and Discipleship

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